Bathroom clean out!


So it isn’t time for spring cleaning, but my son recently moved to an apartment to go to college and I found myself with a whole lot of extra crap that was crowding my space and just not working anymore.20130905-003704.jpg
When my son moved out, he took what he wanted with him and left me with a mess to deal with. All but a few clothes and personal items were loaded up and hauled to Austin. I was left with out grown posters, books, music and misc. collectibles that needed to be dealt with. He was supposed to pack all this stuff up and leave me with a pristine new bedroom, right?
Wrong! The Tasmanian devil couldn’t have left a bigger mess!
I began on a cleaning tirade! Not really normal for me! I’ve lived in the same house for 12 years and only see under my furniture when I buy new furniture and it is most likely on delivery. This doesn’t happen often so, you understand?
Then my favorite necklace went missing and I went into total mania cleaning mode. Perhaps it’s the empty nesting syndrome but cleaning has become my major friend as I’ve searched for my much beloved necklace!
I always took it off in my bathroom before my first yoga class on Tuesday mornings and I know it happened the same as always which began a massive bathroom clean out. I ended up cleaning out and repainting each drawer and cleaning each drain.


The search has continued into my bedroom as I searched and cleaned each drawer, running my hands over each article of clothing, rummaging under my dresser and bed.
I’ve rifled through jewelry boxes and even repurposed a planter into a jewelry organizer so I can actually see where everything is and hopefully not misplace something I love. Every piece I own holds a memory of a jeweler or a vacation.


I’ve chosen to enjoy the things that I have found during this cleaning expedition and try not to mourn the things lost. Life is a wonderful gift.
Think! Live! Love!