Take care of yourself


You can’t take care of anyone without taking care of yourself first. Remember that you are only as good as your best intent. Don’t be afraid to take care of yourself first. If you aren’t happy, how can you make anyone else happy? So find your joy and practice it. Whether it be yoga or writing or dancing or running, find your joy. Even if sitting and thinking, meditating if you will, enjoy the moment.
Think! Live! Love!




Ha! Got my hair did!


A woman having her hair done and coming out feeling beautiful and attractive. Does that come with age?
When did my makeup routine become more about wrinkle and acne products than makeup products?
Basically I use BB cream foundation, a smattering of blush, mascara and Burts Bees lip color. I’m done. Take it or leave it.


My baby boy came home to visit me from college. It’s been an unusually stressful week and semester for us all.
What a great way to spend the evening, listening to jazz and eating sushi. Appreciate your women, men!!!
Think! Live! Love!


I’m just a human mother

I don’t consider myself a super mom by any stretch of the imagination. My kids get their vaccinations and make straight A’s, generally. I’ve never put as much pressure on grades as I have on learning. I need time to myself to unwind and I’m usually pretty grumpy in the mornings.
Luckily, my family is supportive in my quest for betterment and they live with my faults.
I had a delightful girls weekend in Awesome, Texas (Austin) over November 8-10. We went to visit my son and attend the Wanderlust Festival for yoga training. Yes, it was a double trip, to check up on him and get away to do yoga! We also felt the need to see some live music and rock the night away. Which we did!
I took some awesome classes and completely fell in love with a new form of yoga that I had never practiced even after 15 years. More about that later.

I made it home after a relatively eventful weekend to a mostly clean house and lots of laundry with a washer that won’t spin. (It will eventually but you have to jump start it and a real repairman actually tried to fix it). I had to wait for him today as well as a car part.
So I’m expecting a quiet day at home with the kids at school, but my daughter complained about a sore throat last night and she never complains. After over the counter pain relievers that didn’t help (being the pharmacist that I am), I tried this tea.
I added honey for its soothing effect but she didn’t like it sweetened. It made a huge difference. No, she didn’t make it to school today and my day of rest was interrupted by a beautiful, sick daughter.
I may not be the perfect mom but I do the best that I can.
Think! Live! Love!



An author? Like Dr. Seuss?

What the heck? You want me to actually write for a living? For money?
I’ve written my whole life, since I could hold a pen anyway. Before that I’m sure I colored my way through my preschool years with my Aunt Kelly gently telling me my pictures where beautifully artistic. She always had a hand at crayons, carefully staying smooth and within the lines. Me? Not so much!

I’ve kept diaries, letters, post cards and scrap books as long as I can remember. My life has been documented in my own words since I was five. To think anyone would be interested in reading this blog much less my “great American novel” is dumbfounding to me.
I appreciate those of you that are following me and the comments that I receive. This is a forum meant for answers and more often than not I just relate to you the things that I’ve experienced and seen. My love to your divine light! Namaste!
So… I’ve been writing a novel for years now, actually several novels. I’m completely addicted to reading and love books and learning. I feast on a mind in action which is a curse to my family at times. I can read and drift away in the midst of a noisy, family gathering much like my father does.
One eye in the print and one ear towards the crowd has made me a very good pharmacist with all of the distractions of a busy store. I love my life and only want for everyone to love their life too. We chose it, we live it, so love it!
“The only way out is through”
Robert Frost
I’m finishing my first full length novel as I write this and as I carry on a life filled with children, pick up lines, grocery stores, work and reading. Does that make me a super mom? Oh yeah, right! Not even close. I’m not a cookie baker, except on the first day of school. I’m not a chef, my kids fend for themselves now. I’m certainly not patient but I am kind. My children are my life. Actually all children are my life. I had a wonderful childhood and I ROCK in the fun department! Haha!
My book is a young adult novel based on my own imagination. I’m excited to say that writing is cathartic and I grow each day I write.
So, What are you scared of?
Write what you know. When you’re sad, write. When you’re happy, write. When you have no words but a pen in your hand, write.
My “great American novel” is on post it notes, legal pads and journals.
Just write.
Think! Live! Love!

Pauline, southern Belle

My grandmother once referred to powdering her taint with a powder puff. I’ve always wanted a powder puff and I found out today what a taint is.
“T’aint your ass, and T’aint your twat but that area in between!”
Love my Mamaw Pauline!
She also had what she called a “whore” bath or a depression bath where you just washed the stinky parts! When you’re a mom, you’ll appreciate this!

Having been a child of the depression, raised by a blacksmith and inflicted with polio, and later becoming a WW II wife, my grandmother was indomitably strong. She always said what she thought with no filter at all. The people on the street in her small east Texas town simply called her Ms. Pauline. Back in the days of segregation and propriety, surely she was as misfit as her limp was to her beauty. She once told me that “Black people are as smart as white people, but they never had a chance.” And that, “All people like a little sex, even them fiddling with themselves or a tree. It feels good.”
(Pause, and breath)

The women in my family seem to all be indomitably strong but what else have we carried over from our southern roots? A deep drawl, an inability to keep our mouth shut, and a need to wear lipstick? No matter the occasion, we wear lipstick!
I remember walking into my parents house, home from my first visit from college, and my mother asking,
” You couldn’t put on a little lipstick for me?”
I was more than a little razzed, being a modern and upcoming professional at the brilliant age of 20. But as a southern belle and being a former pageant girl, I quickly coated my lips with the color of the early 90’s and everyone was happy!20130922-165821.jpg
My mother is the oldest of Pauline’s four daughters and my aunt, Kelly, is the youngest at just 7 years older than me. (My mom is far right with me, and Kelly is upper left with my little monster!) I thought Kelly was my sister until I was about 4, because my brother was actually 6 months older than her.
Ok.. Enough of the family tree..

**You know you’re Mormon if your mother and mother in law are both pregnant at your wedding, but you aren’t.**

My grandmother wasn’t Mormon, though she may have leaned towards it at the end, especially if she had lived past 63.
It’s just a joke! And not even a great one.
Had my grandmother been able bodied, I could have seen her as Rosy Riveter or any other pin up gal, but she had a heavy, but very proud limp from a foot atrophied by polio. She refused to use a cane but would hold your elbow stiffly, and she wore 3 inch wedge shoes all day while she was awake so she wouldn’t limp. I can’t imagine the hip or lower back pain she must have suffered her entire life!
She had two young daughters when my grandfather went to war, and I’ve heard stories of rations and letters and a broken man returned home. I later heard stories of a woman I never knew, of arguments and leaving, of leaving your kids in the car while you go into a bar. I think the war broke them both more than we ever will know. My grandmother outlived my grandfather by 6 years and I knew her the best then. Her wisdom about “boys” and her advise about sex, I find myself repeating but in a more modern, and professional manner to my own kids.
“The best form of birth control is an aspirin. Hold that thing between your knees, and don’t let it fall!”
(ME: But if you do drop it, use a condom!)
These stories keep us connected to the women in our life and our past, and will drive a husband crazy in about 2.4 seconds. We quip back and forth with one liners that “you had to be there” for and looks that mean only something we know!
These women are my friends, my relatives, my family, and my confidantes. We share love, loss, hope, prayers, curse words, recipes, work and history.

There’s nothing better than a family full of women!
Think! Live! Love!

Labor Day

So why is it called Labor Day if our primary goal is to avoid labor?
For many years after we bought our pharmacy, 3 day weekends were the extent of our vacations and often included a simple tent camping trip with family and friends. Now, years later we have the benefits of taking vacations and traveling more. So what is Labor Day? So we know the banks are closed and the mail won’t run but the majority of retail stores see a booming business at “end of summer” sales.
According to Wikipedia:
In the US, Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.
Back in the late 1800’s and early into the next century, the day was celebrated with parades of labor unions, carnivals, and speeches by prominent business owners and successful merchants.
So what is it now? Most schools start weeks before Labor Day which was intended to mark the end of summer.
Sure, we know we shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day and especially not seersucker (really?), but Stacy and Clinton strongly disagree. If you live in a place like Texas, where I live, white is great into mid October. It’s seriously hot here. Don’t take that old fashion advice to heart. It was created when people still had garden parties with croquet on the south lawn. It’s an outdated rule.
In U.S. sports, Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons. Gig’em Aggies.
So enjoy your long weekend and make the most of it with friends and family.
Football, barbecues, water sports and ice cold drinks will be predominate in most neighborhoods so be safe and make wise decisions!
Think! Live! Love!

The sound of the woods:OM

20130825-205903.jpgI sit on my deck waiting for the last evening of summer vacation to fall. Mosquitos and bats somersault in my back yard.
A hawk circles the woods before me, perhaps looking for greener pastures to hunt tonight or circling his nest. The trees sway in the light summer breeze as the sun slides behind their canopy. I love these woods. They are old and I walk them often. Soft pine straw covers the earth beneath as the dense canopy prevents the brush and vines from growing underneath. These are the woods of our ancestors. I could easily run among the trees or ride a horse beneath the limbs if I was so inclined.
An owl calls out to its mate and I hear an echo back across the woods. It is time for them to begin their hunt for the night.
The deer feeder is full of corn, so it’s only a matter of time before my four legged friends come out for an evening meal. I wait for them to arrive, unafraid of my human self, sitting several feet from them. I am their natural enemy but they don’t fear me. I watch them in the morning from the kitchen and in the evening from the deck, as they eat the corn we have provided.
As the sun slides down, pulling the darkness around me, I shiver. Am I scared of the dark? Am I scared of the woods or what lives within?
There is an old homestead out there surrounded by a barely traceable stone fence. My children have found bolts, pieces of an old iron stone and tools there with a metal detector.
So often, I wonder about the people that lived in this hot, mosquito and tick infested forest, perhaps not even as many as 100 years ago. There is also a cairn which none of us will disturb. It could simply be rocks from a garden clearing but I don’t dare to disturb it if it is a resting ground for someone. We actually show it love and respect clearing away weeds and replacing rocks as they slide down into the earth.
What lies there we will never know, but if its simply rocks from a garden square, they have been treated well.
OM gently echoes in my mind reminding me of a love that exists between all sentient beings. OM is a Sanskrit root word for the vibratory energy that is God. The sound Aum became Hum to the Tibetans and Amin to the Muslims and Amen to the Greeks, Roman, Jews and Christians.
This sound exists among every living and sentient being created by God.
Namaste, meaning the divine light in me, sees and recognizes the divine light in you, means the same. I recognize you as a divine creation.
I love this place!
Think! Live! Love!





44 years ago this weekend, a group of musicians came together for a phenomenal performance of age changing music.
Some we recognize and some we may only remember. I wish I had been there but, even if I hadn’t only been 1 plus a bit, my parents would never have let me go!

The fact is, the musicians came together to find a peace in their music that they couldn’t see in the world around them. Of course, when we think of Woodstock we think of free love and drugs. I wasn’t there, so I can’t argue that that wasn’t a huge part of the weekend. But having been to other music festivals, I still believe its all about the music for most of us. And this, truly was, a breaking point in society of those that believe in things and those that act on those beliefs.
I believe music makes the world go round and love of music makes us kinder and more generous people.

Listen! Listen to the music. The music is in the air and space around us, in a child’s voice, the cicadas singing, in a teenager banging away on a drum set. In every part of nature and every strum of our own bodies, the music is there.
It’s surrounds us and all we have to do is listen.

Think! Live! Love!


Coolest thing in Seattle


I wrote a lot about the homelessness in Seattle because when I first arrived, I was truly disturbed. I’m still disturbed but Seattle is an amazing city!
Art, music, history, attitude, style, Seattle has everything you can ask for.

You can tell the natives by their backpacks and earphones. They aren’t unfriendly but generally just trying to get from A to B. All Seattleites are willing to offer directions and local favorites for anything. We spent 6 days there and walked everywhere we went. We took a bus to and from the airport to our hotel.
I was in Seattle on a pharmacy convention called RBC. What a great city to hold a conference in!

My favorite thing about Seattle were the street performers! Our magician extraordinaire, Jacob, just graduated from high school and has practiced magic for 4 years.
We saw amazing musicians of all kinds and met people that I’ll never forget! Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Maybe it’s the southern belle in me but I love talking to people!
It runs in my family.

Think! Live! Love!


Changing a life

So after a wonderful week at the beach, I have to question myself about my lifestyle. I don’t generally live like a vacation everyday but a few would argue that point!
I over indulged quite a bit, but fighting waves and walking through sand is exercise, right? Plus, we washed 25 loads of laundry in a week!
Well, the scale will tell tomorrow!

So, what will I do?
I’ll go back to tracking my calories and I’m determined to add more and different workouts into my day. I love kayaking and walking through the woods and haven’t done nearly enough of that this summer. Also, swimming and diving will be high on my list.

I’m also working on beating some demons. I need to be a better example to my children.
I smoked throughout college, but quit when I became pregnant with my first child, 19 years ago.
I picked up the habit again about 4 years ago, ironically, driving to and from yoga training 2 hours away. I don’t know why I started again, but what do addicts do other than abuse their bodies and I say no more!
Am I scared of gaining weight and withdrawal? Hell yes! But there comes a time when you have to live what you preach and preach what you live!

Wish me luck! I’ve been brutally honest here and it will surprise and shock some people. Some not so much. So hey, I like to write and if it touches you in some way, wonderful! If not, don’t follow me!
Think! Live! Love!