Hello again!

I’m writing to reconnect with my bloggers! It’s been a crazy last few months and I am so ready for school to be out!! My oldest son is in Austin taking summer classes! I dropped by unannounced and found his apartment very clean except for his bedroom and bathroom. (Typical for him).

It’s why boys need moms to drop in periodically!
We have had recitals and end of year programs and a National honor society inductee as well as employees taking vacations and blah blah blah!
So I’m exhausted and what did I decide to do about it?
I’m adding more yoga classes to my routine. It will be good for me and I need to focus on overcoming the tedium that the end of the school year causes in a family. No they aren’t doing much in school but here it is summertime and what shall we do as parents?
I’m going to enjoy it and focus on my yoga classes!
Think! Live! Love!


Bathroom clean out!


So it isn’t time for spring cleaning, but my son recently moved to an apartment to go to college and I found myself with a whole lot of extra crap that was crowding my space and just not working anymore.20130905-003704.jpg
When my son moved out, he took what he wanted with him and left me with a mess to deal with. All but a few clothes and personal items were loaded up and hauled to Austin. I was left with out grown posters, books, music and misc. collectibles that needed to be dealt with. He was supposed to pack all this stuff up and leave me with a pristine new bedroom, right?
Wrong! The Tasmanian devil couldn’t have left a bigger mess!
I began on a cleaning tirade! Not really normal for me! I’ve lived in the same house for 12 years and only see under my furniture when I buy new furniture and it is most likely on delivery. This doesn’t happen often so, you understand?
Then my favorite necklace went missing and I went into total mania cleaning mode. Perhaps it’s the empty nesting syndrome but cleaning has become my major friend as I’ve searched for my much beloved necklace!
I always took it off in my bathroom before my first yoga class on Tuesday mornings and I know it happened the same as always which began a massive bathroom clean out. I ended up cleaning out and repainting each drawer and cleaning each drain.


The search has continued into my bedroom as I searched and cleaned each drawer, running my hands over each article of clothing, rummaging under my dresser and bed.
I’ve rifled through jewelry boxes and even repurposed a planter into a jewelry organizer so I can actually see where everything is and hopefully not misplace something I love. Every piece I own holds a memory of a jeweler or a vacation.


I’ve chosen to enjoy the things that I have found during this cleaning expedition and try not to mourn the things lost. Life is a wonderful gift.
Think! Live! Love!

What did you do all day?


What is the most irritating question someone, anyone, can ask a stay at home mom?
“What do you do all day?”
Well, we sit around and count our money and file our nails, while watching amazing day time television!
A friend of mine logged in the volunteer work and 5K’s she did this month (she doesn’t have kids yet) and I was impressed so I decided I would do something similar. So, here’s my month (August 2013). School didn’t start until August 26th.
My last month: based on multiple calendars that I keep, excluding pool time, yard work, vacation planning, organizing and general piddling.

3 hours -2 mani:pedis
3 hours- Bought and picked up dance shoes and clothes for little Miss
48 hours Moved Son #1 to Austin
10 hours+ Super cleaned out college sons room and bathroom
2 hours packing up stuff and getting it ready to donate or store
8 hours spent taking Son #2 to band practice
144 hours Went to Seattle for 6 days, travel included, for pharmacy convention.
6 hours for 3 doctors appointments
3 hours-6 hair appointments
54 hours of working at the pharmacy
18 hours of yoga
36 hours of shopping for school supplies and Son #1’s apartment
12 hours of simple housework
30 hours of laundry
30 hours of pet care
30 hours of cooking
6 hours of grocery shopping and list making
2 hours of planning calendar
3 hours of paying household bills
12 hours spent writing
5 hours spent visiting with my college son (#1)
2 hours filling out school paperwork
20 hours spent with friends and family
8 hours buying a car
3 hours returning calls and emails
8 hours spent cleaning out crap from my closet and drawers
4 hours going through kid 2 and kid 3’s clothes

Equals 442 hours more or less
744 hours in August.

Which leaves me about 9 hours a day to sleep and read, or something like that! That doesn’t include checking in on family by phone and email, which I do regularly and a lot of sitting in car lines.
Never say I don’t do anything!
Unless I count what I’m doing now!
Good thing I’m a multi-tasker and this was all that was on my calendar.
Thankful to my sweet husband and kids that are helpful and intuitive.
I couldn’t do it without you!
Think! Live! Love!

Your yoga mat stinks!!!

So how nasty is your yoga mat? Sweaty, stinky, slippery? Is that me or the person beside me?
Ugh! It’s my mat!!!
I bet they think its me!!
Talk about ruining your focus!

So how do you clean a yoga mat? I stick to the basics! I have some mats I clean one way and others that I throw in the washer! I’m not about to throw my forever Manduka mat in the washer! For one thing, it’s so heavy, my washer would shake the house down!
I spray it down with a hose and hang it to dry but I have several other mats that I carry with me from class to class and person to person. I’m a pretty clean person and don’t want to spread funky fungi or bacteria to my clients, especially those that are immune compromised. The washer is a great option but use mild hand wash soap instead of your normal detergent!
NEVER, EVER put hand soap or dish soap on your mat unless you are ready to throw it away.
Just so you know, some yoga mats have a thin film on them when they are new that needs to be washed off. You’ll know you have one of these if your “sticky” mat is not sticky and you feel like you are slipping and sliding. If so, use the washing machine or the hand washing method first.
I once bought an organic “yoga mat” spray that I loved but you can easily make these on your own.
First, buy you a cute spray bottle that you love to look at and will enjoy using frequently and add it to your mat bag along with a cotton cloth just for cleaning your mat. Even an old perfume atomizer will work.
You can spray your mat down after each practice with a mixture of a few drops of aromatic oils mixed in water. Remember, these are highly concentrated oils and some may irritate your skin so try it first on your skin before you accidentally develop a love/hate relationship with your mat.
I personally like lavender, but ti-tree oil and grapefruit seed extract (GSE) are natural antiseptics and anti-fungals. Consider using these on your studio mats. Not so fragrant, but equally antiseptic, is a mixture of vinegar and water. 7 ounces water to 2 tablespoons of vinegar and you may or may not smell like a salad.
To make your yoga mat spray put 4 drops of lavender, 3 drops of ti-tree and 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract into your spray bottle.
Fill the bottle with pure water, cap it and shake well before each use. Use it as sparingly or as liberally as you like. Not all three oils have to be used, but use the ones you like the most.
Lavender is the least irritating and the most appealing to me.
Leave the mat out to air dry or roll it in a towel and step on it, jump on it, balance on it to remove excess moisture. The thicker the mat and the humidity in which you dry it will determine how long it takes your mat to dry. Leave plenty of time. It may take a few hours or a few days depending on where you live.
Men, I didn’t leave you out on purpose, I just forgot about you. A male yogi uses ti-tree oil and Texas cedar oil in his mat spray! Didn’t think you guys would want to smell like lavender. Sorry for the exclusion.
Think! Live! Love!