Feeling the need to practice? Find your spot and breathe! That’s what I plan for tonight and my week will be better for it!
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I’m just a human mother

Answers From April

I don’t consider myself a super mom by any stretch of the imagination. My kids get their vaccinations and make straight A’s, generally. I’ve never put as much pressure on grades as I have on learning. I need time to myself to unwind and I’m usually pretty grumpy in the mornings.
Luckily, my family is supportive in my quest for betterment and they live with my faults.
I had a delightful girls weekend in Awesome, Texas (Austin) over November 8-10. We went to visit my son and attend the Wanderlust Festival for yoga training. Yes, it was a double trip, to check up on him and get away to do yoga! We also felt the need to see some live music and rock the night away. Which we did!
I took some awesome classes and completely fell in love with a new form of yoga that I had never practiced…

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What do you have? Cold or flu?

Flu is still going strong!

Answers From April

What a lousy week of illness at my house. We have been as sick as dogs here. The big question for us is when to see the doctor and when to stay home from work or school.
Most people don’t realize that you run a fever over almost any antigen (foreign substance) you come into contact with whether it’s allergies, a bacterial infection or most especially a virus.
Bacteria exist everywhere so you germaphobes out there really have no hope. Bacteria are single cell organisms that are ubiquitous, meaning they exist everywhere. They exist all over our body, inside and out and most of them serve a purpose by being there. Some survive in cold versus warm environments and most cause no infections unless our immune system is compromised. Usually they result in a secondary infection due to an earlier virus such as a cold or allergy becoming a sinus…

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Writing, writing, writing!!

I haven’t been keeping up much with my blog page but please forgive as I have been working hard on my book!
Promotions and signings will be coming up soon so don’t give up on me! All my love and thanks for following me!
Think! Live! Love!