Truly poisonous cleaners

We see the push for organic cleansers and many of us have switched, but do you know the things in your home that are the most toxic?
Did you know, that the deadliest household cleaners aren’t always locked away in a cabinet?

These little pods have made our lives easier and more compact and even though poison control centers have always had calls regarding detergent ingestion, this is a totally different story.
Think about it, we’ve added softener, stain remover, color retardant, and high powered detergent into these little squishy, candy colored pods that sit within easy reach of the washer because we use them so often!
They are very toxic and can cause
severe problems and even death.

Some children who have gotten the product in their mouths have had excessive vomiting, wheezing and gasping. Some get very sleepy or unresponsive. Seizures and bleeding can also occur. Some children have had breathing problems serious enough to need a ventilator to help them breathe. There have also been reports of corneal abrasions (scratches to the eyes) when the detergent gets into a child’s eyes as well as severe skin reactions, looking like chemical burns or severe dermatitis.

If this occurs:
Seek immediate medical help. Do NOT make a person throw up if they’ve ingested a chemical as this can cause severe esophageal burns.
If the chemical was swallowed, immediately give the person water or milk, unless instructed otherwise by a health care provider. Do NOT give water or milk if the patient is having symptoms (such as vomiting, convulsions, or a decreased level of alertness) that make it hard to swallow.

Call 911 as well as
Poison control 1(800)222-1222
I keep 1(800) poison1 on my fridge at home and at my pharmacy.

Think! Live! Love!

The sound of the woods:OM

20130825-205903.jpgI sit on my deck waiting for the last evening of summer vacation to fall. Mosquitos and bats somersault in my back yard.
A hawk circles the woods before me, perhaps looking for greener pastures to hunt tonight or circling his nest. The trees sway in the light summer breeze as the sun slides behind their canopy. I love these woods. They are old and I walk them often. Soft pine straw covers the earth beneath as the dense canopy prevents the brush and vines from growing underneath. These are the woods of our ancestors. I could easily run among the trees or ride a horse beneath the limbs if I was so inclined.
An owl calls out to its mate and I hear an echo back across the woods. It is time for them to begin their hunt for the night.
The deer feeder is full of corn, so it’s only a matter of time before my four legged friends come out for an evening meal. I wait for them to arrive, unafraid of my human self, sitting several feet from them. I am their natural enemy but they don’t fear me. I watch them in the morning from the kitchen and in the evening from the deck, as they eat the corn we have provided.
As the sun slides down, pulling the darkness around me, I shiver. Am I scared of the dark? Am I scared of the woods or what lives within?
There is an old homestead out there surrounded by a barely traceable stone fence. My children have found bolts, pieces of an old iron stone and tools there with a metal detector.
So often, I wonder about the people that lived in this hot, mosquito and tick infested forest, perhaps not even as many as 100 years ago. There is also a cairn which none of us will disturb. It could simply be rocks from a garden clearing but I don’t dare to disturb it if it is a resting ground for someone. We actually show it love and respect clearing away weeds and replacing rocks as they slide down into the earth.
What lies there we will never know, but if its simply rocks from a garden square, they have been treated well.
OM gently echoes in my mind reminding me of a love that exists between all sentient beings. OM is a Sanskrit root word for the vibratory energy that is God. The sound Aum became Hum to the Tibetans and Amin to the Muslims and Amen to the Greeks, Roman, Jews and Christians.
This sound exists among every living and sentient being created by God.
Namaste, meaning the divine light in me, sees and recognizes the divine light in you, means the same. I recognize you as a divine creation.
I love this place!
Think! Live! Love!


Women and depression


Women and depression

Have you ever had those days when the blues just seem to overwhelm you and it’s all you can do just to get out of bed? Do those days last longer than just a few, growing into an endless battle with life’s most mundane of tasks?
We have to face the issue that depression can have a massive effect on your family, work, and relationships.
Often depression is a symptom of something going on in your life as well as your brain. If you find yourself depressed after the loss of a loved one or a failed relationship or job, those topics need to be broached with a councilor, good friend, or a healthcare professional. This does not mean you are crazy or need life long medication. Our flash here on earth is lit with ups and downs. It’s when you no longer recognize the ups that you may be in true danger. Sickness will also often lead to depression. If you feel bad all the time, how can you be happy?
As a pharmacist, I understand the chemistry of the brain, and that many times this needs to be regulated with medication. However, so often we appear in front of our physician, suffering fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and hopelessness. We’ve been sad for days or weeks or months and we have no where else to turn.
If I can impart any wisdom to you, I’d hope you understand that most of these moments pass. Medication, particularly anti-depressants such as SSRI’s can be truly helpful. However, I disagree with the medical industry in believing these to be life sustaining drugs such as blood sugar medication and high blood pressure medications. It’s true that 7 out of 10 Americans take prescription medication and 10% of all Americans are currently on SSRI’s, increasing with age, the majority of them being women. Side effects include a blunting quality that doesn’t allow you to feel truly happy, but merely present. Sexual dysfunction and the inability to live with the side effects of withdrawal from the medication makes me even more cautious to add these to your daily regimen. If you do use SSRI’s, I’d like you to think back to what was occurring in your life at the time they were prescribed. Short term use during major times of crisis should be considered but always ask your doctor for the agreement that when things calm down you can be easily removed from these medications.
Never stop a medication without discussing it first with your doctor and if ever you feel suicidal, either with medication or not, seek help immediately!!
Alternative therapy may be a route for you but always ask a pharmacist or physician first. Many “natural” products interact with other medications and may worsen the problem.
We don’t have to go through life sad or in a medicated haze. Through all our twists and turns, it’s YOU that determines what’s best for your situation. Remember that your doctor should always be on your side, with your best interests at heart. We may wait for hours or days for an appointment, but we are actually paying for that time. Make sure you are always provided the time with your physician that you need. We are the ones paying them and you should never feel as if your driving through a fast food window when you have a doctors appointment. Never, ever be afraid to speak your mind and you always have the right to seek another doctor if you feel the relationship isn’t quite right. Don’t feel guilty! You wouldn’t reconsider changing child care providers if you felt your child was in danger. Take control of your own health and wellness.
Think, Live, Love!


Blue moon

There’s a seasonal blue moon tonight my upward looking friends. It isn’t the typical blue moon that is the second full moon in the same month.
This is the third full moon in four of the season and it isn’t blue but it’s full and lovely! Check it out.
I promise it will make you feel small in the universe but large enough to make a difference. It will make you smile! 😊

Think! Live! Love!
Namaste 🌕

Moving to an apartment

So….. I moved my son to college this weekend. It was a five hour drive there, a third floor apartment, mostly furnished, and a five hour drive back.
It was actually a wonderful experience. I rode shotgun with Reece while my husband followed us in the van. I’m shocked and happy to say that I’m not nearly finished teaching Reece the things he needs to know in life.

The three of us stayed in a hotel overnight and did some initial shopping at Target. He couldn’t believe the things I remembered to buy from my first apartment experience. Things that we take for granted like towels and toilet paper and trash cans.
We stood in line from 10-12 getting his keys and squaring up. Then headed three flights up with much more stuff than we should have packed.
Luckily, I had extra dishes and silverware, but we had to buy a lot of stuff. I’ll include a list of items for your student that may be going away soon. Trust me, it’s much easier on the budget if you plan and buy ahead of time.

Apartment list-kitchen
Kitchen trash can
Can liners
Dish soap
Scrub brush
Sauce pan, skillet (bought the bundle)
Eating utensils
Cups and mugs
Dish rags and towels, hot pad
Microwave (optional)
Dish drainer
Cooking utensils, according to use (Spatula, Can opener, Steak knives and cutting knives , Whisk, Slotted spoon)

Apartment list-bedroom/bath
Pillows (brought from home)
Small trash can
Toilet bowl brush and cleaner
Towels, rags, hand towels
Surge protector
Lamp or lighting (apartments are dark!)
TV/laptop (optional) but be sure to bring the correct cables
Personal photos and clothes

Optional items
Baking pans (bundle again)
Sandwich bags
Storage containers (Disposable)
Ice trays
Lawn chair
Throw blanket
Mattress cover (bed bugs?)
Book shelf
Wall decor and pictures
Condiments (last a long time)
Laundry detergent
Broom and mop
Deodorizer spray or candles
Flash light
Basic tools (bundled again)
First aid kid

I wish I had prepared better ahead of time, but luckily I’m a great list maker.
Every living situation will require different approaches but if I had to start with essentials, which we did, I would start a year early. Even if your son or daughter stay home an additional year or two, these things will last and be of use in their new home. Moving from the comfort of home to your first independent environment should be a humbling experience. It certainly was for me. I took my “hope” chest, and garage sale furniture and appliances filled my space. Going through those times have made me appreciate where I am today, so, son, No, you will not be getting my leather furniture or a new television.
Let them learn that education and hard work have brought us to our position in life and they need to learn the same.

Think! Live! Love!




44 years ago this weekend, a group of musicians came together for a phenomenal performance of age changing music.
Some we recognize and some we may only remember. I wish I had been there but, even if I hadn’t only been 1 plus a bit, my parents would never have let me go!

The fact is, the musicians came together to find a peace in their music that they couldn’t see in the world around them. Of course, when we think of Woodstock we think of free love and drugs. I wasn’t there, so I can’t argue that that wasn’t a huge part of the weekend. But having been to other music festivals, I still believe its all about the music for most of us. And this, truly was, a breaking point in society of those that believe in things and those that act on those beliefs.
I believe music makes the world go round and love of music makes us kinder and more generous people.

Listen! Listen to the music. The music is in the air and space around us, in a child’s voice, the cicadas singing, in a teenager banging away on a drum set. In every part of nature and every strum of our own bodies, the music is there.
It’s surrounds us and all we have to do is listen.

Think! Live! Love!


Frito salad

This is not a health food recipe!!! If that’s what you want, STOP reading this instant.


Okay so you want to know? It’s one of my families favorite summertime comfort foods! It’s good but limit your portion! It’s next to impossible but it’s something that you can’t save for later, like cheesecake or pie!

It’s a redneck specialty!
1:1:1:1 one of each
Small red onion
Green bell pepper
1 can mexicorn
1 cup mayonnaise (not miracle whip!)
Mix all and let stand in fridge
Before serving, mix in a bag of chili cheese Fritos!
Don’t save! It gets soggy!

Think! Live! Love!

Coolest thing in Seattle


I wrote a lot about the homelessness in Seattle because when I first arrived, I was truly disturbed. I’m still disturbed but Seattle is an amazing city!
Art, music, history, attitude, style, Seattle has everything you can ask for.

You can tell the natives by their backpacks and earphones. They aren’t unfriendly but generally just trying to get from A to B. All Seattleites are willing to offer directions and local favorites for anything. We spent 6 days there and walked everywhere we went. We took a bus to and from the airport to our hotel.
I was in Seattle on a pharmacy convention called RBC. What a great city to hold a conference in!

My favorite thing about Seattle were the street performers! Our magician extraordinaire, Jacob, just graduated from high school and has practiced magic for 4 years.
We saw amazing musicians of all kinds and met people that I’ll never forget! Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Maybe it’s the southern belle in me but I love talking to people!
It runs in my family.

Think! Live! Love!