I am liberal in my social views but conservative in my finances.
I call it “Nonyabidness” and “It’s almost payday” politics! I am an American!
I’m appalled by the way veterans are being treated by our government. VA checks to disabled veterans, survivors and their families won’t be arriving on time this month.
My own pharmacy and reimbursement checks for veterans and federal employees have already been delayed by 2 weeks. I have to pay my wholesaler for the medication to fill these prescriptions every 10 days.
It’s simple math and it doesn’t add up!
I’m fed up, angry, and disappointed in our elected officials! We have rights as citizens of this country!
Don’t be a Democrat!
Don’t be a Republican!
Be an American!
Freedom of speech is your right!
Tell Washington to STEP OFF and get over themselves!
Think! Live! Love!



I enjoy reading textbooks. It’s a terribly strange thing to admit but it’s true. Ok so I officially feel like a big geek. This one looks amazingly like the same book I had in college. Luckily, I had an amazing history professor that truly loved all things historical.

Maybe it actually is, hopefully it’s a newer version than in 1990. Who knows?
So I’m off to learn something that I’ve learned before but in a different way because I’m older.
Think! Live! Love!

An author? Like Dr. Seuss?

What the heck? You want me to actually write for a living? For money?
I’ve written my whole life, since I could hold a pen anyway. Before that I’m sure I colored my way through my preschool years with my Aunt Kelly gently telling me my pictures where beautifully artistic. She always had a hand at crayons, carefully staying smooth and within the lines. Me? Not so much!

I’ve kept diaries, letters, post cards and scrap books as long as I can remember. My life has been documented in my own words since I was five. To think anyone would be interested in reading this blog much less my “great American novel” is dumbfounding to me.
I appreciate those of you that are following me and the comments that I receive. This is a forum meant for answers and more often than not I just relate to you the things that I’ve experienced and seen. My love to your divine light! Namaste!
So… I’ve been writing a novel for years now, actually several novels. I’m completely addicted to reading and love books and learning. I feast on a mind in action which is a curse to my family at times. I can read and drift away in the midst of a noisy, family gathering much like my father does.
One eye in the print and one ear towards the crowd has made me a very good pharmacist with all of the distractions of a busy store. I love my life and only want for everyone to love their life too. We chose it, we live it, so love it!
“The only way out is through”
Robert Frost
I’m finishing my first full length novel as I write this and as I carry on a life filled with children, pick up lines, grocery stores, work and reading. Does that make me a super mom? Oh yeah, right! Not even close. I’m not a cookie baker, except on the first day of school. I’m not a chef, my kids fend for themselves now. I’m certainly not patient but I am kind. My children are my life. Actually all children are my life. I had a wonderful childhood and I ROCK in the fun department! Haha!
My book is a young adult novel based on my own imagination. I’m excited to say that writing is cathartic and I grow each day I write.
So, What are you scared of?
Write what you know. When you’re sad, write. When you’re happy, write. When you have no words but a pen in your hand, write.
My “great American novel” is on post it notes, legal pads and journals.
Just write.
Think! Live! Love!

Pauline, southern Belle

My grandmother once referred to powdering her taint with a powder puff. I’ve always wanted a powder puff and I found out today what a taint is.
“T’aint your ass, and T’aint your twat but that area in between!”
Love my Mamaw Pauline!
She also had what she called a “whore” bath or a depression bath where you just washed the stinky parts! When you’re a mom, you’ll appreciate this!

Having been a child of the depression, raised by a blacksmith and inflicted with polio, and later becoming a WW II wife, my grandmother was indomitably strong. She always said what she thought with no filter at all. The people on the street in her small east Texas town simply called her Ms. Pauline. Back in the days of segregation and propriety, surely she was as misfit as her limp was to her beauty. She once told me that “Black people are as smart as white people, but they never had a chance.” And that, “All people like a little sex, even them fiddling with themselves or a tree. It feels good.”
(Pause, and breath)

The women in my family seem to all be indomitably strong but what else have we carried over from our southern roots? A deep drawl, an inability to keep our mouth shut, and a need to wear lipstick? No matter the occasion, we wear lipstick!
I remember walking into my parents house, home from my first visit from college, and my mother asking,
” You couldn’t put on a little lipstick for me?”
I was more than a little razzed, being a modern and upcoming professional at the brilliant age of 20. But as a southern belle and being a former pageant girl, I quickly coated my lips with the color of the early 90’s and everyone was happy!20130922-165821.jpg
My mother is the oldest of Pauline’s four daughters and my aunt, Kelly, is the youngest at just 7 years older than me. (My mom is far right with me, and Kelly is upper left with my little monster!) I thought Kelly was my sister until I was about 4, because my brother was actually 6 months older than her.
Ok.. Enough of the family tree..

**You know you’re Mormon if your mother and mother in law are both pregnant at your wedding, but you aren’t.**

My grandmother wasn’t Mormon, though she may have leaned towards it at the end, especially if she had lived past 63.
It’s just a joke! And not even a great one.
Had my grandmother been able bodied, I could have seen her as Rosy Riveter or any other pin up gal, but she had a heavy, but very proud limp from a foot atrophied by polio. She refused to use a cane but would hold your elbow stiffly, and she wore 3 inch wedge shoes all day while she was awake so she wouldn’t limp. I can’t imagine the hip or lower back pain she must have suffered her entire life!
She had two young daughters when my grandfather went to war, and I’ve heard stories of rations and letters and a broken man returned home. I later heard stories of a woman I never knew, of arguments and leaving, of leaving your kids in the car while you go into a bar. I think the war broke them both more than we ever will know. My grandmother outlived my grandfather by 6 years and I knew her the best then. Her wisdom about “boys” and her advise about sex, I find myself repeating but in a more modern, and professional manner to my own kids.
“The best form of birth control is an aspirin. Hold that thing between your knees, and don’t let it fall!”
(ME: But if you do drop it, use a condom!)
These stories keep us connected to the women in our life and our past, and will drive a husband crazy in about 2.4 seconds. We quip back and forth with one liners that “you had to be there” for and looks that mean only something we know!
These women are my friends, my relatives, my family, and my confidantes. We share love, loss, hope, prayers, curse words, recipes, work and history.

There’s nothing better than a family full of women!
Think! Live! Love!

What is beauty?

The angry backlash from the Miss America pageant is very disturbing to me. This is America, the home of immigrants and freedom, and it appalled me to see the tweets posted when an Indian-American, Miss New York won the title. The second Miss New York to take the title in as many years. Last year the winner was blonde, blue eyed and beautiful. This year when Niva Davuluri won, the tweets and comments where nasty and racist.

It just so happened that the LA times ran an article on the 50 most beautiful women celebrities the week prior to the pageant. These are a few of the women America chose, but then racism and stereotypes flew through the press when a non-white woman won Miss America!

Ladies and gentlemen alike chose these women. Beyonce was number 1.
Salma Hayek, Heidi Klum, Gwenyth Paltrow, Eva Mendez, Jennifer Lopez and Aishwarya Rai were all top on the lists. All ages, races, and ethnicities are found beautiful, so why all the hubbub, bub? We find beauty in many people and should appreciate the diversity that creates beauty.

When asked about her win, Niva graciously stated,
“I’m so happy this organization has embraced diversity,” she said. “I’m thankful there are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new Miss America.”
I must say congratulations! Rise above racism in any form and embrace the fact that unless you’re a Native American, you are an immigrant as well.
Think! Live! Love!


Pixie dust


How can I explain what it’s like to send your teenage son halfway across the world to experience a life that I have no knowledge of or experience with? Untried, untested, living in a different country, with different customs, a language he didn’t know, in a city the size of Berlin, from rural Texas?
Whew, it’s scary! At only 16, this is exactly what my son wanted.

The simplest of explanation is that I BELIEVED in my son, Reece.
His world view is larger, deeper, and far beyond anything our small town could offer.
He wanted this more than anything, so much so that he completed all the paperwork, kept his grades up and participated in activities, and won a scholarship and the honor to represent American students in Germany.
In 3 weeks, he had to learn the language, the customs, bus lines, and laws, but being true to Reece, he earned commendations in all of these.
At Christmas time, we Skype’d with his host family. A lovely family of 4 that spoke perfect English, to my zero German.
He had never heard them speak English and was astonished that they had taught him so much without ever using an English word. I can’t imagine myself in the same position. I admit he never missed a Skype date with us and loved hearing our southern accents. Each Sunday morning he wanted to know what we were eating for breakfast, by far our favorite meal of the day and usually the only one I cook.
I have no doubt that Reece will go far in this world and as he prepares to move away once more next week for college this time that his experience will put him on a path to success.
If you are ever considering doing this type of program, I say, suck it up and live life. I have 3 children and I don’t believe the other 2 will choose this path, but who knows? Learning is a true passion in our home so I can only hope it continues into their adulthood like it has mine.
Why “Pixie Dust” as a title? Because he’s my son and he spreads happiness wherever he goes! I’m so proud of him and I’ll miss him so much as he heads out for his next life experience!

Think, Live, Love!

Racism and equality

Why aren’t the majority of Americans aware that slavery historically existed extensively within people of the same race all around the world even before America was discovered?


A terrible tragedy occurred with the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case in the US. A travesty of media versus the jurisdiction system of America occurred. Both families suffered an awful trial by media.
I can’t imagine losing a child or having to look in the mirror everyday knowing that I had ended a fellow being’s future regardless the circumstances.
Is racism worse in the United States, the EU, the Middle East or Asia?
My son lived in east Berlin for a year and you may think of Germany as anti-Semitic but they really dislike the Turks that immigrated in the 1950’s to repair the devastation of WW II. The Sunni Muslims hate the Shiite Muslims, the Catholic Irish hate the Protestant English, genocide is all over the African continent, and the media is focused on what they refer to as a racial crime?
I’m sorry to say this but,
“Dead men tell no tales.”
I wish we could hear both sides of the story but unfortunately the world may never know.
It’s time for Americans to live the statues in the Declaration of Independence of our nation, “That all men are created equal.”
In the future I see a nation that’s as colorblind as a child or a nation that will fail due to its own intolerance.
We all are immigrants here, unless you are a native American. We were all rejected, enslaved, forced into hard labor and jobs beneath us whether we are Irish, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or anything else. Discrimination has occurred with every era of immigration in the history of the states.
Most of these immigrants of the past and those of today, lived a subsistence lifestyle with multiple families living together to support one another.
I’m afraid that is exactly what we are looking towards again, but most Americans will not be prepared.
Many people would imagine that I grew up in the lap of luxury because my mother feed us breakfast and supper each day as a family. Looking back, I realize that we ate the same inexpensive meals over and over to feed a family of 6 as well as guests.
What do you see when you look into the eyes of your Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, or any other neighbor you may have? I hope the answer is a fellow human, a creation of the power that created us all.
I honor you and all the sentient beings of this world. Practice tolerance. We all only have a short time in this world!
Think! Live! Love!