You may be a bad mom if..

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You might be a bad mother if….. 1. Someone else picks your kids up from school and you don’t read the teachers notes. (I know you read them when you pick them up because they shove them up your nose … Continue reading

Too long

It seems like it been so long since I’ve posted anything but life is crazy!
My son came home from college this weekend for the first visit that lasted longer than 24 hours.

He finally got a haircut to match his beautiful face. We’ve had so much fun but Sunday looms in front of me knowing that he has to go back to school. It’s such a bittersweet moment watching your child grow up and make his own decisions about life. Luckily, two other children remain to keep me occupied. I love having Reece home. He cooks but doesn’t clean. He makes fun of my freestyle dance moves and he makes me proud to be his mother.
Here’s to an awesome weekend!
Think! Live! Love!


I am liberal in my social views but conservative in my finances.
I call it “Nonyabidness” and “It’s almost payday” politics! I am an American!
I’m appalled by the way veterans are being treated by our government. VA checks to disabled veterans, survivors and their families won’t be arriving on time this month.
My own pharmacy and reimbursement checks for veterans and federal employees have already been delayed by 2 weeks. I have to pay my wholesaler for the medication to fill these prescriptions every 10 days.
It’s simple math and it doesn’t add up!
I’m fed up, angry, and disappointed in our elected officials! We have rights as citizens of this country!
Don’t be a Democrat!
Don’t be a Republican!
Be an American!
Freedom of speech is your right!
Tell Washington to STEP OFF and get over themselves!
Think! Live! Love!



Sometimes it’s simply the sight of your “peace” rose finally blooming or the laughter of your children. A fall breeze in the air and a spring in your step!
If it makes you happy, and it doesn’t hurt anyone, enjoy life! I am!
Think! Live! Love!


I enjoy reading textbooks. It’s a terribly strange thing to admit but it’s true. Ok so I officially feel like a big geek. This one looks amazingly like the same book I had in college. Luckily, I had an amazing history professor that truly loved all things historical.

Maybe it actually is, hopefully it’s a newer version than in 1990. Who knows?
So I’m off to learn something that I’ve learned before but in a different way because I’m older.
Think! Live! Love!

An author? Like Dr. Seuss?

What the heck? You want me to actually write for a living? For money?
I’ve written my whole life, since I could hold a pen anyway. Before that I’m sure I colored my way through my preschool years with my Aunt Kelly gently telling me my pictures where beautifully artistic. She always had a hand at crayons, carefully staying smooth and within the lines. Me? Not so much!

I’ve kept diaries, letters, post cards and scrap books as long as I can remember. My life has been documented in my own words since I was five. To think anyone would be interested in reading this blog much less my “great American novel” is dumbfounding to me.
I appreciate those of you that are following me and the comments that I receive. This is a forum meant for answers and more often than not I just relate to you the things that I’ve experienced and seen. My love to your divine light! Namaste!
So… I’ve been writing a novel for years now, actually several novels. I’m completely addicted to reading and love books and learning. I feast on a mind in action which is a curse to my family at times. I can read and drift away in the midst of a noisy, family gathering much like my father does.
One eye in the print and one ear towards the crowd has made me a very good pharmacist with all of the distractions of a busy store. I love my life and only want for everyone to love their life too. We chose it, we live it, so love it!
“The only way out is through”
Robert Frost
I’m finishing my first full length novel as I write this and as I carry on a life filled with children, pick up lines, grocery stores, work and reading. Does that make me a super mom? Oh yeah, right! Not even close. I’m not a cookie baker, except on the first day of school. I’m not a chef, my kids fend for themselves now. I’m certainly not patient but I am kind. My children are my life. Actually all children are my life. I had a wonderful childhood and I ROCK in the fun department! Haha!
My book is a young adult novel based on my own imagination. I’m excited to say that writing is cathartic and I grow each day I write.
So, What are you scared of?
Write what you know. When you’re sad, write. When you’re happy, write. When you have no words but a pen in your hand, write.
My “great American novel” is on post it notes, legal pads and journals.
Just write.
Think! Live! Love!