22 years ago, I graduated from The University of Houston pharmacy school specializing in geriatric medicine and oncology. After 4 years as a practicing pharmacist and manager, at the ripe old age of 26, I purchased an independent pharmacy. My life then became ripe with education.
Having children, managing a business with my husband and partner, I developed a deep love for my patients and realized a true need for pharmacists that you can actually talk to and gain advice and instruction from.
Believe me, I am no replacement for one regular physician that draws your blood and checks your vitals and runs tests. But, I do know my medicine and if I don’t, I do the research to understand. I can’t stress the importance of using one pharmacy and one doctor, unless you need a specialist.
I’ve set up this blog due to the number of my Facebook friends and my relatives that call me for advice. Most special to my heart are migraine sufferers and women’s health issues. I’m certified in bio-identical hormone replacement and have held a compounding license for over 9 years.
I’m also a strong advocate of alternative treatments including yoga, nutrition, exercise, supplements, acupuncture, massage, and just plain learning to be happy!
I’m a certified yoga instructor and have taught for 8 years now, practicing privately for 7 years before that.
I tend to have a unique and close relationship with both my pharmacy customers as well as my practicing yogis.
My goal is to improve your quality of life as well as to learn from your experiences so that I may grow as well.




7 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so excited about this! You know I am a huge admirer of yours- both personally and professionally!
    Plus, I love your writing! Always have! Write on, my friend!

  2. Im really interested to see what this is about can’t wait to read your post even if it is on womens health

    It’s not just women’s health but all kinds if things!

  3. So proud of you April, you’re such an awesome example of the 21st century woman that can literally do it ALL. I, myself, love to diagnose and learn about medicine so that I can answer people’s questions and help when I can. Even though I’m “just an x-ray tech”, for over 20 yrs now, I love to learn natural ways to heal and be healthy and be young forever. That includes vitamins and pharmaceuticals. Your energy and strength blow me away and I look forward to keeping up with your blog and wealth of knowledge! Love you April!!

    • Kim, you’re so sweet! You have never been “just an x-ray tech”!!! You’re a compassionate sweet nurse that loves deeply! One of the qualities I admire most in a person! Thanks! Love you back!!

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