Hello again!

I’m writing to reconnect with my bloggers! It’s been a crazy last few months and I am so ready for school to be out!! My oldest son is in Austin taking summer classes! I dropped by unannounced and found his apartment very clean except for his bedroom and bathroom. (Typical for him).

It’s why boys need moms to drop in periodically!
We have had recitals and end of year programs and a National honor society inductee as well as employees taking vacations and blah blah blah!
So I’m exhausted and what did I decide to do about it?
I’m adding more yoga classes to my routine. It will be good for me and I need to focus on overcoming the tedium that the end of the school year causes in a family. No they aren’t doing much in school but here it is summertime and what shall we do as parents?
I’m going to enjoy it and focus on my yoga classes!
Think! Live! Love!


Poison Ivy

So I hate poison ivy but it’s a part of my world in east Texas!
How do we avoid it and how do we treat it?


My favorite over the counter treatment is Zanfel as well as TecNu wash. Between the two you won’t break out like me!
Think! Live! Love!
Namaste April

Ha! Got my hair did!


A woman having her hair done and coming out feeling beautiful and attractive. Does that come with age?
When did my makeup routine become more about wrinkle and acne products than makeup products?
Basically I use BB cream foundation, a smattering of blush, mascara and Burts Bees lip color. I’m done. Take it or leave it.


My baby boy came home to visit me from college. It’s been an unusually stressful week and semester for us all.
What a great way to spend the evening, listening to jazz and eating sushi. Appreciate your women, men!!!
Think! Live! Love!


You may be a bad mom if..

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You might be a bad mother if….. 1. Someone else picks your kids up from school and you don’t read the teachers notes. (I know you read them when you pick them up because they shove them up your nose … Continue reading

Too long

It seems like it been so long since I’ve posted anything but life is crazy!
My son came home from college this weekend for the first visit that lasted longer than 24 hours.

He finally got a haircut to match his beautiful face. We’ve had so much fun but Sunday looms in front of me knowing that he has to go back to school. It’s such a bittersweet moment watching your child grow up and make his own decisions about life. Luckily, two other children remain to keep me occupied. I love having Reece home. He cooks but doesn’t clean. He makes fun of my freestyle dance moves and he makes me proud to be his mother.
Here’s to an awesome weekend!
Think! Live! Love!


Sometimes it’s simply the sight of your “peace” rose finally blooming or the laughter of your children. A fall breeze in the air and a spring in your step!
If it makes you happy, and it doesn’t hurt anyone, enjoy life! I am!
Think! Live! Love!

Pauline, southern Belle

My grandmother once referred to powdering her taint with a powder puff. I’ve always wanted a powder puff and I found out today what a taint is.
“T’aint your ass, and T’aint your twat but that area in between!”
Love my Mamaw Pauline!
She also had what she called a “whore” bath or a depression bath where you just washed the stinky parts! When you’re a mom, you’ll appreciate this!

Having been a child of the depression, raised by a blacksmith and inflicted with polio, and later becoming a WW II wife, my grandmother was indomitably strong. She always said what she thought with no filter at all. The people on the street in her small east Texas town simply called her Ms. Pauline. Back in the days of segregation and propriety, surely she was as misfit as her limp was to her beauty. She once told me that “Black people are as smart as white people, but they never had a chance.” And that, “All people like a little sex, even them fiddling with themselves or a tree. It feels good.”
(Pause, and breath)

The women in my family seem to all be indomitably strong but what else have we carried over from our southern roots? A deep drawl, an inability to keep our mouth shut, and a need to wear lipstick? No matter the occasion, we wear lipstick!
I remember walking into my parents house, home from my first visit from college, and my mother asking,
” You couldn’t put on a little lipstick for me?”
I was more than a little razzed, being a modern and upcoming professional at the brilliant age of 20. But as a southern belle and being a former pageant girl, I quickly coated my lips with the color of the early 90’s and everyone was happy!20130922-165821.jpg
My mother is the oldest of Pauline’s four daughters and my aunt, Kelly, is the youngest at just 7 years older than me. (My mom is far right with me, and Kelly is upper left with my little monster!) I thought Kelly was my sister until I was about 4, because my brother was actually 6 months older than her.
Ok.. Enough of the family tree..

**You know you’re Mormon if your mother and mother in law are both pregnant at your wedding, but you aren’t.**

My grandmother wasn’t Mormon, though she may have leaned towards it at the end, especially if she had lived past 63.
It’s just a joke! And not even a great one.
Had my grandmother been able bodied, I could have seen her as Rosy Riveter or any other pin up gal, but she had a heavy, but very proud limp from a foot atrophied by polio. She refused to use a cane but would hold your elbow stiffly, and she wore 3 inch wedge shoes all day while she was awake so she wouldn’t limp. I can’t imagine the hip or lower back pain she must have suffered her entire life!
She had two young daughters when my grandfather went to war, and I’ve heard stories of rations and letters and a broken man returned home. I later heard stories of a woman I never knew, of arguments and leaving, of leaving your kids in the car while you go into a bar. I think the war broke them both more than we ever will know. My grandmother outlived my grandfather by 6 years and I knew her the best then. Her wisdom about “boys” and her advise about sex, I find myself repeating but in a more modern, and professional manner to my own kids.
“The best form of birth control is an aspirin. Hold that thing between your knees, and don’t let it fall!”
(ME: But if you do drop it, use a condom!)
These stories keep us connected to the women in our life and our past, and will drive a husband crazy in about 2.4 seconds. We quip back and forth with one liners that “you had to be there” for and looks that mean only something we know!
These women are my friends, my relatives, my family, and my confidantes. We share love, loss, hope, prayers, curse words, recipes, work and history.

There’s nothing better than a family full of women!
Think! Live! Love!

Blog ideas

Blog ideas!!!!!

Tattoo removal

Soft ice bags


Dealing with another persons illness

Reaching your goals

Well being, finding your happiness

Positive energy

**Addicted to reading

Hormone testing

What would YOU like to learn about?


Bathroom clean out!


So it isn’t time for spring cleaning, but my son recently moved to an apartment to go to college and I found myself with a whole lot of extra crap that was crowding my space and just not working anymore.20130905-003704.jpg
When my son moved out, he took what he wanted with him and left me with a mess to deal with. All but a few clothes and personal items were loaded up and hauled to Austin. I was left with out grown posters, books, music and misc. collectibles that needed to be dealt with. He was supposed to pack all this stuff up and leave me with a pristine new bedroom, right?
Wrong! The Tasmanian devil couldn’t have left a bigger mess!
I began on a cleaning tirade! Not really normal for me! I’ve lived in the same house for 12 years and only see under my furniture when I buy new furniture and it is most likely on delivery. This doesn’t happen often so, you understand?
Then my favorite necklace went missing and I went into total mania cleaning mode. Perhaps it’s the empty nesting syndrome but cleaning has become my major friend as I’ve searched for my much beloved necklace!
I always took it off in my bathroom before my first yoga class on Tuesday mornings and I know it happened the same as always which began a massive bathroom clean out. I ended up cleaning out and repainting each drawer and cleaning each drain.


The search has continued into my bedroom as I searched and cleaned each drawer, running my hands over each article of clothing, rummaging under my dresser and bed.
I’ve rifled through jewelry boxes and even repurposed a planter into a jewelry organizer so I can actually see where everything is and hopefully not misplace something I love. Every piece I own holds a memory of a jeweler or a vacation.


I’ve chosen to enjoy the things that I have found during this cleaning expedition and try not to mourn the things lost. Life is a wonderful gift.
Think! Live! Love!