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Okay so I’m not the only woman that walks in the door and takes off her bra before kicking off her shoes or setting her purse down. I know this because you’ve all told me you do it. Unless you took it off in the car on the way home, which I have done. So why, if we hate them so much do we subject ourselves to it. I was convinced a man invented bras but that is not the case. Both early patents where issued to women, one in Europe and one in America.
Bras were invented for modesty and to adhere to the standards of fashion.
Well, I’m not that modest or that fashionable I suppose!

These are just a few au naturale photos and I just don’t care! I’ll never fit the norms of the perfect breast size so I say forget the bra. I use modesty inserts when needed and I have to wear a bra to work with most clothing but I also live in yoga clothes.
“Bra designers liken designing a bra to building a bridge, because similar forces are at work. Just as a bridge is affected vertically by gravity and horizontally by earth movement and wind, forces affecting a bra’s design include gravity and sometimes tangential forces created when a woman runs or turns her body.” , according to Wikipedia.

I don’t want to wear a suspension bridge any longer! haha!
So, someone told us that our breasts would sag without a bra. My mother told me mine wouldn’t grow without a bra. I’ve done my time, worked in a corporate world, breast fed 3 children until they were 18-33 months old and I’m done.
“Women’s breasts naturally sag as a woman grows older. Bras don’t prevent breasts from sagging, with regard to stretching of the breast ligaments and drooping in later life, that occurs very regularly anyway, and that’s a function of the weight, often of heavy breasts, and these women are wearing bras and it doesn’t prevent it.”
Breast tissue is fat and cannot be toned like muscle. It makes no sense to me fight this and be miserable so I say,
“Burn the bra” ladies as long as you don’t embarrass your kids or boss!
Think! Live! Love!



What a beautiful word for a beautiful concept. Yoga can be an essential influence on your mental health as well as your physical health! Sometimes it simply feels good to breathe. Find your spot and practice 10 minutes. Just to quiet our troubled lives and complicated routines, give yourself 10 minutes a day to breathe!
Think! Live! Love!


Before and after: a hormone story

When I turned 40, my life flipped upside down. I had always been active and busy and could lose weight easily. I’d simply control my intake or increase my activity before a trip or the summer and, zoom, I’d be back in a bikini in no time.
After I turned 40, everything changed. I became lethargic, needing multiple cat naps each day. I blamed this on the fact that I wasn’t sleeping well and having frequent night sweats and hot flashes. When I brought it up to my regular OB/Gyn, she assured me that I wouldn’t possibly be heading toward menopause at my age, increased my estrogen only birth control pills, that I didn’t need for birth control, but as a hormone replacement. This was November of 2012 and by the following April, I was worse than ever! Gray, exhausted, exhibiting the thyroid chin of late life and absolutely desperate, I contacted a customer of mine that specializes in hormone replacement therapy.
I’m going to share with you a photo that chills me to look at, but that needs to be shared. Despite the smile on my face, I was miserable. Everything seemed to be falling apart at the same time and I certainly wasn’t happy with that!

My first appointment was April 4th and I had 5 hot flashes during an hour and a half appointment that probably lasted 2 hours. At least it seemed to. I forgot to put on my mascara and was generally foggy and hurried. My life is stressed and fast but I’d always dealt well, making lists and checking calendars.
Enter my new best friend and who I call my “fat” doctor! She isn’t fat! As a matter of fact, she’s fit and thin, and it’s all because of her program. I’ve seen her before and after photos and I could see the results the first time I began her program. Of course, I had no idea just how bad off I was. We started with basic questionnaires and the above horrifying photo, and ended it with a very candid conversation. I left with a salva test kit, a prescription for thyroid medication and a small dose of appetite suppressants, as well as an okay to stop the oral contraceptives that were making me sick and causing me to have more migraines. I began tracking all my calories except my exercise. This was a completely opposite approach from what I had tried before as I depended heavily on my life as a yoga teacher and exercise fanatic!
Progesterone cream leveled off my hormone fluctuations and the thyroid increased my energy levels. After the second month I noticed a massive difference in the way I felt and the way I looked.

Don’t allow anyone to tell you what is normal to feel at any stage in life. If you feel sad, lonely, depressed, or overweight or under nourished, seek help. If your physician tells you that it’s a natural progress of aging, seek a second opinion. Talk to your friends, your pharmacist and your physician until you can come to a plan that brings you back to life. I feel better than I have in years, and I couldn’t have done it without the information and guidance of a like minded physician and her staff
Think! Live! Love!

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Women and depression


Women and depression

Have you ever had those days when the blues just seem to overwhelm you and it’s all you can do just to get out of bed? Do those days last longer than just a few, growing into an endless battle with life’s most mundane of tasks?
We have to face the issue that depression can have a massive effect on your family, work, and relationships.
Often depression is a symptom of something going on in your life as well as your brain. If you find yourself depressed after the loss of a loved one or a failed relationship or job, those topics need to be broached with a councilor, good friend, or a healthcare professional. This does not mean you are crazy or need life long medication. Our flash here on earth is lit with ups and downs. It’s when you no longer recognize the ups that you may be in true danger. Sickness will also often lead to depression. If you feel bad all the time, how can you be happy?
As a pharmacist, I understand the chemistry of the brain, and that many times this needs to be regulated with medication. However, so often we appear in front of our physician, suffering fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and hopelessness. We’ve been sad for days or weeks or months and we have no where else to turn.
If I can impart any wisdom to you, I’d hope you understand that most of these moments pass. Medication, particularly anti-depressants such as SSRI’s can be truly helpful. However, I disagree with the medical industry in believing these to be life sustaining drugs such as blood sugar medication and high blood pressure medications. It’s true that 7 out of 10 Americans take prescription medication and 10% of all Americans are currently on SSRI’s, increasing with age, the majority of them being women. Side effects include a blunting quality that doesn’t allow you to feel truly happy, but merely present. Sexual dysfunction and the inability to live with the side effects of withdrawal from the medication makes me even more cautious to add these to your daily regimen. If you do use SSRI’s, I’d like you to think back to what was occurring in your life at the time they were prescribed. Short term use during major times of crisis should be considered but always ask your doctor for the agreement that when things calm down you can be easily removed from these medications.
Never stop a medication without discussing it first with your doctor and if ever you feel suicidal, either with medication or not, seek help immediately!!
Alternative therapy may be a route for you but always ask a pharmacist or physician first. Many “natural” products interact with other medications and may worsen the problem.
We don’t have to go through life sad or in a medicated haze. Through all our twists and turns, it’s YOU that determines what’s best for your situation. Remember that your doctor should always be on your side, with your best interests at heart. We may wait for hours or days for an appointment, but we are actually paying for that time. Make sure you are always provided the time with your physician that you need. We are the ones paying them and you should never feel as if your driving through a fast food window when you have a doctors appointment. Never, ever be afraid to speak your mind and you always have the right to seek another doctor if you feel the relationship isn’t quite right. Don’t feel guilty! You wouldn’t reconsider changing child care providers if you felt your child was in danger. Take control of your own health and wellness.
Think, Live, Love!


7 symptoms you should never ignore

I started this article out and changed tactics after I saw my doctor the other day so I need to finish up the symptoms!
#1 chest pain
#2 the worst headache ever
#3 pain in the right flank
I covered all these in previous posts.

#4 bloating that isn’t relieved by Beeno or a bowel movement. This can be a sign of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is less common than cervical or breast cancer in women and is often undetected.

#5 When your ice cream sends a massive ache through your jaw and head that isn’t a brain freeze, it’s time to see the dentist. Cavities can be an indication of other problems in your body so see your dentist regularly and anytime you experience severe pain.

#6 Leg pain with swelling. Often times, we will develop sore calves from running or walking. This is more intense pain, that involves swelling in the calf and sometimes reddened and painful to the touch. A potential blood clot could exist and could travel to your lungs, heart, or brain causing irreversible damage.

#7 Back pain with tingling in the fingers or toes. This could be a bulging or ruptured disc in the spine that may require therapy or even surgery.

So there you have the 7 symptoms to never, ever ignore. If your regular physician can’t see you as soon as these occur, consider the emergency room or a direct care clinic.
Take your health in your own hands!
Think, Live, Love!

#2 The Worst Headache Ever

We have all suffered from headaches due to stress, jaw and neck tension, sinus pressure and allergies. Even PMS, insomnia, hunger and dehydration are common causes of headaches.

What I’d like to talk about here is the worst headache ever!

I’ve suffered from typical migraine since I was 12. I was having a portrait taken with my sister and half way though the flash photography, the flash stayed in my eyes. As we left, I couldn’t get the blind spot in my eyes to go away and so I closed my eyes and laid down in the car. My left hand began to tingle and numbness set into the left side of my body including my tongue and throat. After that, I began to vomit with the worst pounding headache of my life, on the right side of my head.
My mother, a migraine sufferer herself, did the best she could at the time, putting me in a dark room and feeding me salty foods and caffeine until I finally fell to sleep. I then became what you might call a chronic migraine sufferer, having between 3 or 4 a year, or 3 or 4 a week, depending on my health and stress.
Unfortunately at the time, migraines were mysteries that no one could predict or solve. Medication for prevention and treatment have come a long, long way since then. I’ve tried basically everything that prevents migraines since my early 20’s and the invention of the triptan class of drugs allowed me out of that dark, silent room.

What I’m talking about here is the true mother of all headaches! If you feel a sudden crushing brain bashing headache that doesn’t include your normal visual aura or any of your other “normal” migraine triggers. Seek help immediately!
You could have a ruptured aneurysm, a bulge in the arteries of the brain. These bulges can rupture, and leave an area of the brain bleeding or oxygen deprived.
These arterial bulges occur in up to 5 percent of people and most of them are not migraine sufferers. Migraine sufferers may suffer an aneurysm but we actually fall within the percentage of the rest of the population. Many times aneurysms are congenital and cause no problems at all.
If ever you experience the worst mind crushing headache you’ve ever had which may include blurred vision, speech issues, memory loss, seizures, or vomiting, take this seriously.
If you suffer migraines, maintain a close and comfortable relationship with your physician and if they increase or change notify him or her immediately.
If in doubt, seek medical help immediately. This could be a life or death situation. Smoking and a family history of aneurysm increases your chances more than a history of migraines. Head trauma and previous surgery also increases you chances. Get those regular MRI’s and CT scans your doctor requests and take your health in your hands!
Think, live, love!

7 symptoms women should never ignore

There are at a minimum 7 symptoms you should never ignore.
Listen to your body and hear what it tells you!

#1. Indigestion that doesn’t seem to go away.
If you had extra jalapeƱos on your nachos last night, it should be relieved by antacids or the newer H-2 pump inhibitors( histamine 2 that works in the stomach) or proton pump inhibitors (that control acid release to the stomach). Generally these newer treatments take longer to act than our old best friends that were given to us by our mothers that tasted like mint and bubble gum, sometimes rancid! ugh! Sodium bicarbonate is also a great relief for indigestion (baking soda). Take a spoonful followed by water or mix it in an ounce or so of water, hold your breath and take the shot! But listen well…..
Don’t simply turn to these because its an easy remedy.
Intense chest and upper gastrointestinal pain, as well as pain in your shoulder or neck can be a heart attack happening. Women under 45 have unusual symptoms during a heart attack that don’t correspond with our normal ideas of falling to the floor clutching our chest.
Every year, 10,000 women under 45 have a heart attack. If you feel as if you’re wearing a corset or you find your throat tight and are short of breath, call 911. Don’t waste a second thinking that its merely over eating or a tight dress.
Chewing an aspirin, baby aspirin or not, may keep the heart attack from worsening and save your life, but you must still follow up with a physician regardless. Smoking, being over weight, and oral contraceptives can increase your risk, as well as family history, but none of this is a guarantee. You may be free from all these issues, and still fall victim to a heart attack.

A heart attack occurs when one or more parts of the heart is deprived of oxygen. The heart, simply a muscle, must have oxygen and electrolytes to function. If something is off, say dehydration, or a clogged artery, our heart slowly loses oxygen flow and function. Regardless of what you do to prevent this, we are all at risk and need to know how to recognize and react. Knowing your own blood pressure, heart rate, medications you are taking, and family history are very important. Also understand that you may or may not be able to provide this information.
Carry with you a list of family and friends that know your history so pertinent information can be retrieved easily by paramedics and doctors. This is nothing to be ashamed of so share with your closest friends and family members.

Never, ever disregard what your intuition is telling you. Don’t argue with yourself because of embarrassment or lack of proof. No one knows how you feel in your own skin, but you. Listen!!

What’s the worst that could happen?
The worst would be, you don’t wake up the next morning! Interrupting your partners sleep or a dinner party has nothing on that!!
Think, live, love!


Are you being eaten alive by mosquitoes?

Do you feel as if you’re a buffet for the Mosquitos this summer? Have you fled inside, unable to enjoy the season?
Me, too! I seem to attract every mosquito in the area. So why? And what do we do?
Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide and sweat. The harder you breathe and the more you sweat, the tastier you become. Don’t believe that things such as dryer sheets and lemon Pledge are your answer. They do seem to work for about 20-40 minutes depending on conditions.
The fact of the matter is, we are all equally bitten by mosquitoes, but your bodies own immune response decides if you become irritated by the insects or not.
Alcohol ingestion, smoking, exercise involving sweating and heavy breathing all attract mosquitoes.
Studies on garlic intake show no positive effects. You would basically have to rub the garlic on your skin every 30 minutes or so which would basically assure that you will be alone all night. Vitamin B1 has shown some beneficial effects but its unknown if it is truly a repellant or if it blocks the histamine response to the bite, which causes the itching and inflammation.
Mosquitos attack at dawn and dusk and will bite through any tight clothing. Loose, light colored clothing helps to prevent this.
When it comes down to it, your only option is DEET. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, I would use lemon eucalyptus oil. The use of DEET has changed over the years and you can buy lower percentages and apply more often, or opt for a powder spray that doesn’t leave that oily feeling.
Depending on where you are, always check the web for mosquito transmitted diseases. It may change your opinion on what’s necessary and what is not!
Never leave standing water near your house. It takes only 5 days for a mosquito egg to become a biting, itching jerk, that ruins your barbecue and leaves scars from scratching. Because of the quick incubation period outdoor sprays rarely work longer than those 5 days. Protect yourself and your family. Ask me any questions!
Think, Live, Love!
I forgot to add my favorite remedy, a nice strong fan!! Notice how at the beach you aren’t as prone to bites? A mosquito is a slow flying pest and a good fan can protect you!
Once again,