Tattooed not much longer

I’m having plastic surgery tomorrow morning to remove a portion of my ankle tattoo. It’s due to a red ink allergy most likely and doesn’t appear until the second tattoo!
I’ll show you!


My red ink allergy a few months ago and the crap that peeled off my ankle everyday!

My tattoo the day before surgery. No dermatologist would touch it because laser treatments push the toxins into the body, with unknown side effects on the internal organs.
This was not a botched tattoo, it was a heavy metal allergy, most likely mercury!

After pics to post soon! Wish me luck!
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Think, live, love!


Surgery was awful! I’ve been off my foot for 2 weeks and I’m stir crazy!
I had 30 stitches, 15 internal dissolvable and 15 external stitches that were removed today. The external stitches were removed today and it “over healed”. Anyway, more info later on my healing and recuperation.


Think, live, love!



Almost 2 months after surgery, it’s still red but so much better. I scrubbed it today with a rag but there is no sign of keloid scaring so that’s a plus!