The dangers of dehydration

I had a very frightening experience with a friend in our deep Texas heat tonight!

Dehydration! It happens often and can cause death before you can even discern what is happening to you.
Over heated bodies turn into a destruction waiting to happen. Don’t ever allow body temperature to let you determine if someone is overheated. Body temperatures can be abnormally low even in heat stroke victims.

Look for symptoms such as heavy breathing, poor pallor (coloring), fainting and incoherence.

As your body overheats it depletes electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, both of which are required for muscle function, and your heart is a muscle. (One of which you actually need to survive!). As sodium and potassium leaves your body as sweat, you may or may not feel the effects until it is too late. If your heart doesn’t have the electrolytes to function, the only option that our miraculous body can make is to draw it from other sources. It may be our brain, our kidneys, or our liver, but severe effects can occur regardless.

I don’t generally recommend sports drinks to anyone that isn’t working out beyond their capacity, such as marathon trainers and professional athletes. But if you mow the lawn and work out in the heat of the day, or if you drink a lot of dehydrating alcohol or caffeine, or don’t drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day, then you need to suck down some enhanced water.
I spent the last week on the beach and that’s a very good reason to use enhanced water or sports drinks to maintain hydration.

If none is available at that moment, mix water with lemon or lime juice AND any other juice you have available (pineapple, apple, orange or even tomato juice) and at least 1 tablespoon full of salt, sea salt preferably but it doesn’t matter.
Bananas are also quick sources to replenish dehydration, as well as greens, protein products such as beans or meat, and any fruit with high liquid content such as pineapple, kiwi, pears and apples.
You could ask me why we also use these same foods as diuretics and yet they can oppose dehydration. It’s all about the electricity of our heart. If you would like to understand more message me!

If you feel faint or numb, or just overly exhausted, do not attempt to drive and call either 911 or your physician, a friend (mmhmm), or family immediately.
It takes a child 9 minutes to die in a car during 90 degree temperatures. Heat can be a killer! Add that to our humidity in east Texas and it only becomes more dangerous!
Listen to your body! It tells you the truth!
Think! Live! Love