Hello again!

I’m writing to reconnect with my bloggers! It’s been a crazy last few months and I am so ready for school to be out!! My oldest son is in Austin taking summer classes! I dropped by unannounced and found his apartment very clean except for his bedroom and bathroom. (Typical for him).

It’s why boys need moms to drop in periodically!
We have had recitals and end of year programs and a National honor society inductee as well as employees taking vacations and blah blah blah!
So I’m exhausted and what did I decide to do about it?
I’m adding more yoga classes to my routine. It will be good for me and I need to focus on overcoming the tedium that the end of the school year causes in a family. No they aren’t doing much in school but here it is summertime and what shall we do as parents?
I’m going to enjoy it and focus on my yoga classes!
Think! Live! Love!




My mother was the person that put dinner on the table and made sure we were where we needed to be on time. She was the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, and a bag of chips.
My mother wasn’t the stay at home type, she’s smart. Yes, that’s a horrible stereotype, but during my childhood, it was one or the other. Most mothers didn’t work full time or even part time, and how my siblings and I didn’t drive my mother crazy is beyond me! No computers, smart phones or even cable tv, and we still survived?
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!
No mother is perfect but we all try the best we can. Offer more than you’ve ever received.
My mom is a hero to me and I can only wish my children feel the same!
Think, live, love



I’m just a human mother

I don’t consider myself a super mom by any stretch of the imagination. My kids get their vaccinations and make straight A’s, generally. I’ve never put as much pressure on grades as I have on learning. I need time to myself to unwind and I’m usually pretty grumpy in the mornings.
Luckily, my family is supportive in my quest for betterment and they live with my faults.
I had a delightful girls weekend in Awesome, Texas (Austin) over November 8-10. We went to visit my son and attend the Wanderlust Festival for yoga training. Yes, it was a double trip, to check up on him and get away to do yoga! We also felt the need to see some live music and rock the night away. Which we did!
I took some awesome classes and completely fell in love with a new form of yoga that I had never practiced even after 15 years. More about that later.

I made it home after a relatively eventful weekend to a mostly clean house and lots of laundry with a washer that won’t spin. (It will eventually but you have to jump start it and a real repairman actually tried to fix it). I had to wait for him today as well as a car part.
So I’m expecting a quiet day at home with the kids at school, but my daughter complained about a sore throat last night and she never complains. After over the counter pain relievers that didn’t help (being the pharmacist that I am), I tried this tea.
I added honey for its soothing effect but she didn’t like it sweetened. It made a huge difference. No, she didn’t make it to school today and my day of rest was interrupted by a beautiful, sick daughter.
I may not be the perfect mom but I do the best that I can.
Think! Live! Love!



You may be a bad mom if..

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You might be a bad mother if….. 1. Someone else picks your kids up from school and you don’t read the teachers notes. (I know you read them when you pick them up because they shove them up your nose … Continue reading

What did you do all day?


What is the most irritating question someone, anyone, can ask a stay at home mom?
“What do you do all day?”
Well, we sit around and count our money and file our nails, while watching amazing day time television!
A friend of mine logged in the volunteer work and 5K’s she did this month (she doesn’t have kids yet) and I was impressed so I decided I would do something similar. So, here’s my month (August 2013). School didn’t start until August 26th.
My last month: based on multiple calendars that I keep, excluding pool time, yard work, vacation planning, organizing and general piddling.

3 hours -2 mani:pedis
3 hours- Bought and picked up dance shoes and clothes for little Miss
48 hours Moved Son #1 to Austin
10 hours+ Super cleaned out college sons room and bathroom
2 hours packing up stuff and getting it ready to donate or store
8 hours spent taking Son #2 to band practice
144 hours Went to Seattle for 6 days, travel included, for pharmacy convention.
6 hours for 3 doctors appointments
3 hours-6 hair appointments
54 hours of working at the pharmacy
18 hours of yoga
36 hours of shopping for school supplies and Son #1’s apartment
12 hours of simple housework
30 hours of laundry
30 hours of pet care
30 hours of cooking
6 hours of grocery shopping and list making
2 hours of planning calendar
3 hours of paying household bills
12 hours spent writing
5 hours spent visiting with my college son (#1)
2 hours filling out school paperwork
20 hours spent with friends and family
8 hours buying a car
3 hours returning calls and emails
8 hours spent cleaning out crap from my closet and drawers
4 hours going through kid 2 and kid 3’s clothes

Equals 442 hours more or less
744 hours in August.

Which leaves me about 9 hours a day to sleep and read, or something like that! That doesn’t include checking in on family by phone and email, which I do regularly and a lot of sitting in car lines.
Never say I don’t do anything!
Unless I count what I’m doing now!
Good thing I’m a multi-tasker and this was all that was on my calendar.
Thankful to my sweet husband and kids that are helpful and intuitive.
I couldn’t do it without you!
Think! Live! Love!



One of my earliest memories of childhood is of my mother showing me yoga poses with her beehive hairdo in an outrageously orange and silver living room. We would practice a pose in the center of the living room after we had pushed the orange velvet sectional aside, and moved away the chrome and glass coffee table. Up against our chestnut brown paneled walls, we set lamps and books that were generally taking up space so we would have room to practice. As I think back she didn’t have much trust in my balance or spacial awareness. Just the mere set up and cleaning took time. Mama would shake out the shaggy rug that looked like a sheep dog and begin to make us space. I could see underneath to the threadbare green and orange pile carpet. I don’t know why that patch of carpet stands out in my mind because we had the same ugly carpet down the hallway and in our bedrooms. It was something about how mashed down and thin it looked that made me sad and happy at the same time. Now I realize how much wear that space of carpet took, kneeling to pray, laying around watching our one television, and sitting on the floor to listen to the grown ups talk unless my dad offered me his lap.
It took a lot of time to get ready because she would find long lost things under the couch or behind the floor pillows that sort of matched our couch. I think that was part of my mothers ritual, to find lost things.
Periodically, she would stand up and walk into our orange and green galley kitchen with a window pass through to check on dinner before my father came home. She watched me through the small window over the sink while she washed dishes to see if I was still working to find the right pose or to see me collapse with giggles and roll onto the floor searching for my kitty or dog to rescue me from the boredom.
She laughed with me, with her entire face, eyes sparkling and I knew she was the most beautiful mother in the world. She would rush in to join the fun as soon as her work in the kitchen was stalled for a moment or two. We would try a few animal named poses and then she would rub my neck or head or feet until the timer went off in the kitchen.
I don’t think we remember cooking like that, where we had to wait for things to defrost and ovens to warm up and balance skillets and pots on the stove, all hoping and planning that everything would come out warm and at the same time for a table set for 5 or 6 or 8 or 10?
We could always have friends over for dinner. My brothers being 5 and 6 years older than me often had their hungry friends over and we had foster children stay with us over the years. If friends showed up at dinnertime a place was immediately set and a chair pulled up even if they had just eaten. Sometimes Mama would feed 16 or 20 people with them standing all around the kitchen and leaning over my glass coffee table, dropping gravy onto my shaggy dog shag carpet. I didn’t mind that part too much. At least they kept her focused on something other than me eating the canned spinach she had opened to spread the meal as she said.
I miss the life of my childhood and I hope I’m making memories with my children that make them miss theirs.
I remember my Mom telling me not to wish my life away, that time would go by fast enough! She’s always been right and if you don’t believe it just ask her.
I glad she’s my mom and I’m so proud that she taught me how to be a mother. We all make mistakes but motherhood is the greatest of blessings!