We will never forget!

20130911-100912.jpgThis is not a political forum but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge this day in history when America changed forever, 12 years ago.
I had just dropped my oldest son off at school when I heard the news on the radio. I drove to work in stunned shock as the announcer wondered how a pilot and air traffic controller could make such a fatal mistake. As I parked, the second plane hit the other tower, and the frightening reality set in. I rushed into work and turned on the small television we kept in the office for my children to watch Disney movies and cartoons. As my employees arrived, we gathered together and cried. I have never wanted to pick up my son from school so much, but my husband reassured me that he was in the safest place he could be and that watching the broadcasts would only terrorize him. I never imagined how true those words would be. The bells on the pharmacy doors jangled rarely that day as we all set glued to the visions of horror being played over and over again.20130911-101546.jpg20130911-102600.jpg
Americans changed that day. We held our loved ones closer and we hugged each other longer. We fell to our knees and prayed. We cried and ranted in anger and frustration. We gathered as neighbors and communities, in churches, synagogues and schools.
We proudly flew our flags and demanded answers and justice. We appreciated our freedom to say, we are one Nation Under God, whomever may be that god to you. Many have died for this freedom so appreciate it and defend our country. Be kind. Smile more and speak to strangers. Everyone here is here by choice. If you don’t like it, you have the freedom to leave. Support our military and the heroes in our communities that put there life on the line for us everyday.
Think! Live! Love!