Ha! Got my hair did!


A woman having her hair done and coming out feeling beautiful and attractive. Does that come with age?
When did my makeup routine become more about wrinkle and acne products than makeup products?
Basically I use BB cream foundation, a smattering of blush, mascara and Burts Bees lip color. I’m done. Take it or leave it.


My baby boy came home to visit me from college. It’s been an unusually stressful week and semester for us all.
What a great way to spend the evening, listening to jazz and eating sushi. Appreciate your women, men!!!
Think! Live! Love!


Too long

It seems like it been so long since I’ve posted anything but life is crazy!
My son came home from college this weekend for the first visit that lasted longer than 24 hours.

He finally got a haircut to match his beautiful face. We’ve had so much fun but Sunday looms in front of me knowing that he has to go back to school. It’s such a bittersweet moment watching your child grow up and make his own decisions about life. Luckily, two other children remain to keep me occupied. I love having Reece home. He cooks but doesn’t clean. He makes fun of my freestyle dance moves and he makes me proud to be his mother.
Here’s to an awesome weekend!
Think! Live! Love!