Prana Lotus Yoga


Now opening in Lindale, Texas
105 N. Main above Pink Pistols

10:30am. Gentle flow yoga
12 noon. Meditation for Hard Workers
5pm. After work rejuvenation
6:30. Hot Yoga

All classes are for all levels
903-920-YOGA (2642)


Poison Ivy

So I hate poison ivy but it’s a part of my world in east Texas!
How do we avoid it and how do we treat it?


My favorite over the counter treatment is Zanfel as well as TecNu wash. Between the two you won’t break out like me!
Think! Live! Love!
Namaste April

Love and life

Love is but a sandy foundation to build a life on. A life requires sediment; rock, trees, dirt and sweat.
It requires disagreements and fights, falling down and getting back up.
So many people have fallen so many times that getting back up just isn’t worth it. It’s how we deal with set backs, that teach others our strengths. Do you believe in yourself?
The only person that you can really disappoint is you! Don’t let others disappointment in you cloud your judgement. It’s not worth it!
Think! Live! Love!


Take care of yourself


You can’t take care of anyone without taking care of yourself first. Remember that you are only as good as your best intent. Don’t be afraid to take care of yourself first. If you aren’t happy, how can you make anyone else happy? So find your joy and practice it. Whether it be yoga or writing or dancing or running, find your joy. Even if sitting and thinking, meditating if you will, enjoy the moment.
Think! Live! Love!



Valentine’s Day

I think of Valentines Day as the ultimate “hallmark” holiday! I’m sure it comes from owning a pharmacy that sells the most expensive cards on VD to wife and Mother’s Day! It’s just too much. Celebrate love every day and forget what anyone else thinks. My daughter and her dad had a great time at the dance but is that love? Yes, he loves her unconditionally but I hope and pray she holds out for hearts and flowers and everything else.
I hope that I teach her that Love is more than just hearts and flowers. True love is being there, holding you when you cry and supporting you when you’re trying. Love is saying I’m proud of you and I enjoy spending time with you. Love is forgiveness and acceptance. That’s my Valentines summary. We need more than one day a year to confess our love! Never forget to say I love you to those who mean the most to you!
Think! Live! Love!



Because laughter really is the best medicine for anything!
These photos were taken by a friend of mine in the classy place that I call my garage. Lots of people think I have the perfect life, but the one thing that makes it wonderful, is that I’m able to laugh at myself, and others, when necessary.
Laughter makes all the difference and a real smile is worth a million fake ones! Have a wonderful Valentine’s day, enjoy the full snow moon and laugh until your belly aches!
Think! Live! Love!
Namaste !


What is written isn’t always true

I am a writer. Often I write about things that I know, things familiar to me, and I’ve written for my entire life so not all of my writing is from my current perspective. Many things I write about are contrived, imaginations of my mind based on a lifetime of what I like to call “people watching”. Yes, my characters and story lines are generally based on this people watching and my characters are a combination of experiences that I have had in my life. If you feel yourself, as my friend or colleague, over scrutinized in my literature, it’s simply a coincidence. I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable so if you see yourself as one of my characters, then I am honored that you can relate to the things that I record. If you can relate, then so can the rest of the population, which is my goal.
Think! Live! Love!