What did you do all day?


What is the most irritating question someone, anyone, can ask a stay at home mom?
“What do you do all day?”
Well, we sit around and count our money and file our nails, while watching amazing day time television!
A friend of mine logged in the volunteer work and 5K’s she did this month (she doesn’t have kids yet) and I was impressed so I decided I would do something similar. So, here’s my month (August 2013). School didn’t start until August 26th.
My last month: based on multiple calendars that I keep, excluding pool time, yard work, vacation planning, organizing and general piddling.

3 hours -2 mani:pedis
3 hours- Bought and picked up dance shoes and clothes for little Miss
48 hours Moved Son #1 to Austin
10 hours+ Super cleaned out college sons room and bathroom
2 hours packing up stuff and getting it ready to donate or store
8 hours spent taking Son #2 to band practice
144 hours Went to Seattle for 6 days, travel included, for pharmacy convention.
6 hours for 3 doctors appointments
3 hours-6 hair appointments
54 hours of working at the pharmacy
18 hours of yoga
36 hours of shopping for school supplies and Son #1’s apartment
12 hours of simple housework
30 hours of laundry
30 hours of pet care
30 hours of cooking
6 hours of grocery shopping and list making
2 hours of planning calendar
3 hours of paying household bills
12 hours spent writing
5 hours spent visiting with my college son (#1)
2 hours filling out school paperwork
20 hours spent with friends and family
8 hours buying a car
3 hours returning calls and emails
8 hours spent cleaning out crap from my closet and drawers
4 hours going through kid 2 and kid 3’s clothes

Equals 442 hours more or less
744 hours in August.

Which leaves me about 9 hours a day to sleep and read, or something like that! That doesn’t include checking in on family by phone and email, which I do regularly and a lot of sitting in car lines.
Never say I don’t do anything!
Unless I count what I’m doing now!
Good thing I’m a multi-tasker and this was all that was on my calendar.
Thankful to my sweet husband and kids that are helpful and intuitive.
I couldn’t do it without you!
Think! Live! Love!


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