Your yoga mat stinks!!!

So how nasty is your yoga mat? Sweaty, stinky, slippery? Is that me or the person beside me?
Ugh! It’s my mat!!!
I bet they think its me!!
Talk about ruining your focus!

So how do you clean a yoga mat? I stick to the basics! I have some mats I clean one way and others that I throw in the washer! I’m not about to throw my forever Manduka mat in the washer! For one thing, it’s so heavy, my washer would shake the house down!
I spray it down with a hose and hang it to dry but I have several other mats that I carry with me from class to class and person to person. I’m a pretty clean person and don’t want to spread funky fungi or bacteria to my clients, especially those that are immune compromised. The washer is a great option but use mild hand wash soap instead of your normal detergent!
NEVER, EVER put hand soap or dish soap on your mat unless you are ready to throw it away.
Just so you know, some yoga mats have a thin film on them when they are new that needs to be washed off. You’ll know you have one of these if your “sticky” mat is not sticky and you feel like you are slipping and sliding. If so, use the washing machine or the hand washing method first.
I once bought an organic “yoga mat” spray that I loved but you can easily make these on your own.
First, buy you a cute spray bottle that you love to look at and will enjoy using frequently and add it to your mat bag along with a cotton cloth just for cleaning your mat. Even an old perfume atomizer will work.
You can spray your mat down after each practice with a mixture of a few drops of aromatic oils mixed in water. Remember, these are highly concentrated oils and some may irritate your skin so try it first on your skin before you accidentally develop a love/hate relationship with your mat.
I personally like lavender, but ti-tree oil and grapefruit seed extract (GSE) are natural antiseptics and anti-fungals. Consider using these on your studio mats. Not so fragrant, but equally antiseptic, is a mixture of vinegar and water. 7 ounces water to 2 tablespoons of vinegar and you may or may not smell like a salad.
To make your yoga mat spray put 4 drops of lavender, 3 drops of ti-tree and 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract into your spray bottle.
Fill the bottle with pure water, cap it and shake well before each use. Use it as sparingly or as liberally as you like. Not all three oils have to be used, but use the ones you like the most.
Lavender is the least irritating and the most appealing to me.
Leave the mat out to air dry or roll it in a towel and step on it, jump on it, balance on it to remove excess moisture. The thicker the mat and the humidity in which you dry it will determine how long it takes your mat to dry. Leave plenty of time. It may take a few hours or a few days depending on where you live.
Men, I didn’t leave you out on purpose, I just forgot about you. A male yogi uses ti-tree oil and Texas cedar oil in his mat spray! Didn’t think you guys would want to smell like lavender. Sorry for the exclusion.
Think! Live! Love!


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